Monday, November 8, 2010

Did a bit of scouting this weekend for some of the supplies I'm looking for to reorganize and/or redecorate a couple rooms.

Found some baskets with lids at Michael's that will work in the master bathroom to help contain some stuff, and some other baskets that I think will work in a few other places.

I thought these sand colored wicker baskets would go nice with my beach theme in the bathroom, plus they have lids so I can hide stuff! (sorry for the crummy picture!)

The coffee table is new so I haven't cluttered it up yet! Found the two brown baskets at Michael's. I think they will stay there to catch anything they need to that I normally would clutter it up with! Maybe remotes, coasters, I haven't figured that out yet! I also got 2 smaller versions of those - their home is still up for grabs!

The colorful boxes I found on clearance at Target. I love the 3 colors together, although I expected them to be bigger. I haven't decided for sure yet what to do with them. I may take them upstairs to help sort and contain scrapbooking stuff. I originally thought I could use them in my closet, but that's before I looked at their dimensions. They're cute enough though that I think I will keep them and find a new use for them.

That's all for now. I haven't actually had a chance to start containing stuff in these new containers though... one step at a time :)

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