Sunday, June 21, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

                                                                             Menu Plan Monday


First, let me figure out what’s going on this week…


Monday – going sailing with friends.  We’ll grab subs on the way

Tuesday – hubby’s softball game, so dinner needs to be ready when we get home or there’s no time…we’ll probably eat in shifts cuz he has to leave before I get home…something quick and easy …Wawa?  Bagels?

Wednesday – dinner at a friends house… we’ll bring salad…nothing special

Thursday – is this our only day at home this week?  Maybe we’ll try again to do the pork chops in the crock pot

Friday – river concert – guess we’ll eat dinner before hand, but again, it will have to be quick cuz we won’t have a whole lot of time… I’ll make this chicken cream cheese recipe cuz I think it sounds really good…

Monday, June 8, 2009

Menu Plan Monday...

Ok, here goes my attempt at planning out food for the week...

Sunday - coming home from visiting friends - probably no dinner cuz I won't be getting home till pretty late

Monday - hubby's softball game, so it has to be quick, and we'll be eating seperately...pasta with store-bought sauce

Tuesday - pork chops? maybe I'll try these... ?

Wednesday - dinner at friends house - we'll bring salad/dessert or

Thursday - our 4 yr anniversary so we're gonna go out to eat

Friday - we're going camping with some friends...wonder if we need to eat before we go? I'll be home all day, but packing, so it would be nice to just have something going in the crockpot while I'm packing. Maybe I'll heat up the lasagne that I made previously and froze...

well... that's my list. Kinda working it out as I go along, but at least I'm thinking ahead, which is a big step for me! :-)

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Meal Plan Monday

I'm a little late doing my menu plan but here goes...

Monday - homemade calzones (really easy to make with refrigerated Pillsbury pizza dough, add whatever fillings and cheese you're in the mood for, dipped in pizza sauce)

Tuesday - hubby's softball game so grab subs from Wawa

Wednesday - Turkey & Spinach meatloaf - I'm gonna try to make it in the crock pot...wish me luck!!

Thursday - homemade chicken fingers?  my breading is based off of this, but here's what I've done the last several times...

Friday - going to a baseball game so we'll stop and get something on the way or once we're there.

This week ended up being "cheating" cuz we have other stuff going on two out of five nights :)  good week to start I guess!

I'm gonna try really hard to make this meal planning a habit.  I know it'll make the week so much easier, but I guess it's just the indecisiveness in me that makes me feel like it's so hard!  

Monday, June 1, 2009

Starting small!! Before and after...

Surface/Shelf Organizing Round-Up!
Organizing Blog

I had to start somewhere, and I seem to work better with specific tasks/challenges, so here goes...
My craft room is one of my biggest areas that runs wild, so if I can tidy up at least one surface, I'm hoping I can start inspiring myself to keep going.  


and after....

as for all the stuff underneath the table....well that'll just have to be for another day and another burst of motivation! hope it keeps coming!! :)