Saturday, January 22, 2011

change of strategy...

So... I've been picking out 5 meals for each week, figuring that if I skip a day during the week to eat leftovers, then we'll push everything a day later and have saturday and/or sunday already covered. But what I've been finding is we still have way too many leftovers, because it's just me and my hubby, and even when we take leftovers for lunches and eat them for dinner a day or two, we still have some left, and I hate seeing yummy food go bad!

So for a couple weeks, I'm only going to pick out 4 meals, and see how that goes.

Here's my plan for the week...

Tuesday - chimichangas (cook the meat in the crockpot)

Wednesday - leftovers

Thursday - minestrone (gonna cook this in the crockpot - probably will add chicken or mild italian sausage)

Friday - Moroccan Stew (another crockpot - one of my favorites!!)

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