Saturday, October 16, 2010

it's about time

Well, today I went out with my mom and aunt to look at a bunch of model homes that are for sale and just drooled all over them. I've decided that I'm gonna make an effort at decorating my house. If I could make my house look like the model homes then maybe I wouldn't feel so much like I want to look for a new place! Cuz even if I got a new place, it still wouldnt' be decorated like those houses that brought in a professional interior decorator!!

I realize I'm taking on a big task that I don't know if I can handle, but right now, I'm excited about it. I figure if I take on one room at a time, and research a bunch of ideas, set myself a monthly budget or something, maybe I can do it all myself. I would love for my whole house to be painted but we'll see :) start small, Becky, you know how you get overwhelmed and give up!

Maybe I'll even work out a plan so then when I get overwhelmed and start saying "I don't know what to do next!" then I just come back to my plan and see what I should be doing.

Baby steps... that's how I work...

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