Monday, June 8, 2009

Menu Plan Monday...

Ok, here goes my attempt at planning out food for the week...

Sunday - coming home from visiting friends - probably no dinner cuz I won't be getting home till pretty late

Monday - hubby's softball game, so it has to be quick, and we'll be eating seperately...pasta with store-bought sauce

Tuesday - pork chops? maybe I'll try these... ?

Wednesday - dinner at friends house - we'll bring salad/dessert or

Thursday - our 4 yr anniversary so we're gonna go out to eat

Friday - we're going camping with some friends...wonder if we need to eat before we go? I'll be home all day, but packing, so it would be nice to just have something going in the crockpot while I'm packing. Maybe I'll heat up the lasagne that I made previously and froze...

well... that's my list. Kinda working it out as I go along, but at least I'm thinking ahead, which is a big step for me! :-)

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  1. ok so I forgot an important step...if i'm gonna plan meals, then I have to go buy the ingredients I don't have...or else it doesn't work out so well :-D oh well! we'll try again next week!!